How To Create Your Dream Coastal Bedroom

Let’s set sail on a journey of beachy bedroom transformation. Destination? Your very own dreamy, serene, and simply irresistible coastal bedroom. With our modern coastal furniture and bedroom design ideas, you'll be able to make your dream bedroom a reality. 


The Allure of the Coastal Bedroom


A coastal bedroom isn't just a room—it's an experience, a permanent vacation at home, a retreat from the everyday. Imagine waking up to the gentle colors of nature and the calming aura of coastal living.


The coastal aesthetic is inspired by the natural beauty of the seaside, with hues of sandy beaches, foamy waves, and endless sky. It's about creating an environment where you can almost hear the soothing sound of waves lapping against the shore and feel the sand between your toes. Relaxation? Absolutely. Dreamy? You bet!


A modern coastal bedroom with blue walls, coastal decor, and a matching coastal furniture set.

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Key Elements of a Coastal Bedroom


Creating a coastal bedroom is like painting a picture of the seaside on the canvas of your room. With the right elements, you can capture the spirit of the coast right within your four walls.

Color Palette


Think soft, soothing, and inspired by nature. From sandy beiges and crisp whites to shades of cool blues and greens, your color palette is the base for your coastal oasis. Remember to keep it light, airy, and calming—the way you'd feel on a quiet beach. Keep in mind that in addition to the wall paint and material colors you choose, floor color, cabinet color, lighting fixtures, and plants all work into your bedroom color scheme. 

Here are a few coastal color palettes for bedrooms:

  • Crisp white, sage green, ash grey
  • Cream, sky blue, teal
  • Ivory, olive green, sandy beige
  • Bright white, coral, turquoise 

    Furniture Selection


    Your furniture should evoke a feeling of beachside comfort and charm. Look for pieces in light-toned woods, wicker, or rattan that add a touch of nature and keep the room feeling breezy.


    You'll want to choose furniture that balances comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Design with the coast in mind, and incorporate elements inspired by the beach while maintaining a modern appeal. Pop over to our bedroom sets to find the perfect pieces for your coastal haven.

    Decorative Elements


    From seashells and driftwood to nautical-striped fabrics and artwork, your decorative accents add personality to your coastal bedroom. These should be subtle nods to the seaside—avoid going overboard (pun intended). Here are a few modern coastal decor items you might consider for your bedroom:

    • Coral decor pieces 
    • Rattan or wicker baskets
    • Straw mats 
    • Beachy blankets
    • Coastal books
    • Seashells
    • Rope curtain holdbacks
    • Linen curtains
    • Beach scene artwork



      Allow as much natural light in as possible. For the evenings, opt for soft, warm lighting that reflects the gentle ambiance of a coastal sunset. You might also continue the coastal theme when choosing lamps for your bedroom. 


      Enhance your coastal bedroom with blue glass lamps or coral-inspired lamps for your nightstands. You could also choose natural rattan lampshades or include a beachy iron lantern. 

       A beachy modern coastal bedroom set, with matching furniture, blue walls, and a coastal color palette.

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      How to Style Your Bedroom with a Coastal Theme


      Here's your step-by-step guide to creating a modern coastal bedroom.

      Choosing the Right Coastal Furniture


      Furniture sets the tone for your room, so choose pieces that reflect the coast's natural beauty and serenity. Opt for furniture in weathered woods for a hint of beachy ruggedness, or choose whitewashed pieces for a brighter, breezier feel.


      Upholstery should be comfortable and welcoming—linens in light, natural shades are a perfect fit. You can shop for coastal nightstands and other bedroom furniture that's beautiful, beachy, and high-quality. 

      Selecting Appropriate Decor Items


      Each decor item you choose brings something unique and adds to the beauty of your space. Choose coastal-inspired artwork, or frame a few scenic beach photos. Dress your bed in light, bright bedding, and add a few coastal-themed throw pillows for a playful touch. A rug in a neutral or subtle sea-inspired hue can tie the whole room together.

      Adding Natural Elements


      Use natural textures to help create your coastal bedroom look. Plants, driftwood, stones—natural elements help bring the outdoor, earthy environment inside. A palm or a fiddle-leaf fig can add a nice touch of green. Consider a small indoor water fountain for a soothing water element.

      A Maldives style modern coastal bedroom set with furniture, decor, and artwork.

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      Modern Coastal Furniture from Finn & Louise


      At Finn & Louise, we're all about celebrating the coastal lifestyle. Our design philosophy is simple: create pieces that bring the beauty and tranquility of the beach right into your home. Our furniture has a modern, minimalist approach. We designed each piece to add charm, comfort, and a dash of coastal chic to your spaces.

      The Jetty blue king size coastal bedroom furniture set with coastal decor.

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      Maintaining the Coastal Theme with Minimalism


      Keeping it simple is the secret to a truly serene coastal bedroom. It's about the art of restraint—carefully selecting elements that speak of the coast without overwhelming the space. Incorporate pieces that have functionality and style, like beautiful wicker storage baskets or a woven mirror.


      Remember, the heart of a coastal bedroom lies in simplicity and serenity. Choosing comfortable pieces and keeping a minimalist look will inspire relaxation every time you enter your bedroom. 


      And there you have it—your roadmap to creating a beautiful, tranquil coastal bedroom. So, hoist the anchor and let the adventure begin. Your dream coastal bedroom awaits!

      FAQs About Coastal Bedrooms

      How can I style my bedroom with a coastal theme?
      Embrace a palette of soft, natural hues, choose furniture with a coastal vibe, and accent with nature-inspired decor.


      What are the key elements of a coastal bedroom?
      A soft, beach-inspired color palette, light-toned or rattan furniture, coastal decor elements, and lots of natural light.


      Where can I find modern coastal furniture?
      Right here at Finn & Louise! Our diverse range of coastal furniture promises quality, style, and comfort. Check out our modern furniture collections.


      How do I maintain the coastal theme with minimalism?
      Carefully select your pieces to reflect the tranquility of the beach without overwhelming the space. Remember, less is truly more when it comes to coastal decor. Minimalist looks thrive with symmetry.

      If your space allows for it, designing with balance works well. For example, having a nightstand on each side of the bed. Hanging a piece of artwork above each of those nightstands on the wall. And having two matching lamps on the nightstands can work wonders for a minimalist, high-quality coastal bedroom look. 



      How can I arrange my bedroom furniture?
      Great question! Arranging your bedroom furniture is like creating your personal oasis, and we at Finn & Louise are here to guide you.

      1. Step 1: Start with the Bed: Your bed is the heart of your bedroom. Let's make it the focal point! Try placing your bed opposite the door or in the center of the largest wall. Our king bedroom sets or queen bedroom sets are perfect for this setup.
      2. Step 2: Side Support: Nightstands are not just practical. They're perfect for adding balance and symmetry to your bedroom. Explore our range of matching nightstands available in our bedroom sets.
      3. Step 3: Dress(ers) to Impress: A bedroom isn't complete without a dresser. It's the perfect place to store all your favorite items. Try placing it on the wall adjacent to your bed. Our dressers come in various sizes and styles. 
      4. Step 4: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A well-placed mirror can bounce light around your room, making it appear larger and brighter. You could hang it above the dresser or lean it against a wall for a casual look.
      5. Step 5: Personalize Your Space: Make the space yours by adding personal touches like family photos, artwork, or a cozy reading nook. We're excited for you to create your very own coastal retreat. The possibilities of arranging your coastal modern bedroom furniture are endless. So, go ahead and create your dream space!



      What are the most trending modern bedroom furniture ideas?
      Staying on top of the latest design trends is one of our favorite pastimes. Trends may come and go, but your personal style is the North Star that should guide all your design choices. Dive into these modern coastal bedroom ideas and make a splash with your bedroom décor: 

      1. Natural Materials: Imagine the feeling of sand between your toes. That's the essence of natural materials. Furniture made from natural wood, rattan, or wicker is gaining popularity due to its earthy vibe and warm, organic aesthetic.
      2. Minimal Coastal Twist: A minimalist design with a touch of coastal charm is all you need. Clean lines, simple forms, and a neutral color palette are hallmarks of this trend.
      3. Light and Airy Tones: Light and airy color schemes are relaxing in a modern bedroom. Soft whites, cool grays, and subtle pastel hues mimic the natural coastal landscape, making your space feel more open and tranquil.
      4. Mix and Match: Sometimes, a pop of contrast is all you need! Mixing different styles, textures, and colors can add character and depth to your bedroom.
      5. Multi-Functional Furniture: Multi-functional furniture, like storage beds or USB nightstands, are a smart solution for modern bedrooms.



      What is the best way to design a bedroom?
      Designing your bedroom is all about comfort, relaxation, and a touch of personal style. At Finn & Louise, we're here to help you design a serene and inviting bedroom. Shop our coastal bedroom sets and follow our guide to creating your perfect coastal retreat:

      1. Start with the Bed: The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Start by choosing a bed that complements your style and size needs. Our bedroom sets range from rustic coastal to sleek and modern. We have king-size bedroom sets to fill your large bedrooms. 
      2. Select the Right Furniture: You need to choose the right coastal bedroom furniture for your space. Consider the size of your room and what you need. A dresser, chest, nightstands, and a comfy chair or bench could be ideal. If you go for king bedroom furniture sets, make sure your space can fit everything in comfortably. 
      3. Choose a Color Palette: Think of soft seaside blues, creamy white shells, and warm sandy neutrals. Translate those colors into a calming color palette for your bedroom. A beach-style bedroom might include shades of white, cream, and grey paired with soft greens, blues, and pinks.
      4. Focus on Comfort: Comfort is crucial in a bedroom. Invest in a good quality mattress, soft sheets, and plush pillows. Your well-rested self will thank you!
      5. Personalize: Add personal touches like framed photos, artwork, or keepsakes. 
      6. Layer Lighting: Your bedroom needs layers of lighting. Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a warm and functional space.
      7. Don't Forget About Curtains: Curtains control the light and add a touch of style. Choose curtains that match your decor and provide the right amount of light control and privacy.
      8. Keep it Clutter-Free: A clean, uncluttered bedroom is a sight to behold. Use smart storage solutions to keep clutter to a minimum and create a serene, peaceful space.



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